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Family Room Tour

Family Room Tour…

Where we hang out and watch TV…a really BIG one I might add.

Where we laugh with family and friends…because they are crazy funny.

Where we nap sometimes…but mostly just the dog!

Family Room Tour -At Home with The Barkers

Family Room Mantle-Family Room Tour -At Home with The Barkers

This mantle has been painted many times but for now I am enjoying the simple crispness of it…

FOR NOW anyway.

Family Room Tour -At Home with The Barkers

A vintage basket found at a local thrift shop for $1…

…super score! Love it!

Family Room Tour -At Home with The Barkers

The Rocking Chair was Ray’s grandmother’s…Nanny, as we called her.

It was given to us when she passed away.

Best item of hers I could have received! (That will be another blog post)

Family Room Tour -At Home with The Barkers

Family Room Tour -At Home with The Barkers

Family Room Tour -At Home with The Barkers

The TV cabinet was an “at the perfect moment” find at an Estate sale.

It was part of a bedroom set and I asked to buy only the dresser…

…So happy when I was told YES! 

I paid $100, brought it home, removed some drawers and doors

AND of course, painted it right up!

2 days before the TV was to be delivered!

Family Room Painted TV Cabinet-Family Room Tour -At Home with The Barkers

Family Room Walls and Accessories

Family Room Tour -At Home with The Barkers

Thanks for hanging out in our Family Room,

Be sure to stop by our kitchen on your way out.

As always…

Thanks for spending some time…

At Home with The Barkers,


***Room Updates include a Wood Plank Mantel Makeover

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  1. Great-looking family room!

    The whole room looks really nice…and I’m especially liking the vintage basket. A great way to store (and display) magazines.

    P.S. I found your blog via Karianne over at http://www.ThistlewoodFarms.com.

    1. Thanks so much Mike for stopping by! I’m happy you found me through Karianne, she is awesome! I don’t come across very many men bloggers…I can’t wait to check out your blog! Have you been blogging long?


    2. Sonya – I’ve been blogging since 2006. That makes me an ‘old timer’ I guess!

      I’m trying to kick my blog up a notch (or two) and noticed that Karianne is now offering blog consulting. And then, I noticed that you have used her services. You both have great blogs!

      I’d love to hear more details about your positive experience with Karianne’s blogging help. Feel free to email me directly with any comments or suggestions.

      And yes, men bloggers (especially those related to home, craft, and family) are few and far between. But that’s okay. I’m in good company!

      Thanks for replying to my comment,

    3. WOW…2006, that’s great! I will be happy to send you am email about my experience 🙂

    1. Thanks Christy! Last August when Ray told me he ordered a new TV, I only had a few days to find something for it to sit on. It was really fate that Saturday and I absolutely love it.

  2. Love your living room..I really love the TV stand…..and that basket on the coffee table…where do you like to shop? I’m not sure if you know this,Donna Jekins got me into JUNKIN!!!!!! I took her yard saleing she took my to thift store around Greenville,Anderson,Belton,Easley….Hooked ever since…Our husband dont like it

    1. That’s great Karen, Donna is so sweet! I go mostly to Goodwill and Home with a heart (that’s where I found the basket.) AND I love yard sales but I am not the luckiest when it comes to yard sales…now my sister always hits the yard sale jack pot 🙂

  3. What a beautiful cozy room Sonya! I just painted a dresser/tv stand too… my next project is a large vintage looking sign to hang above it… maybe you could make a sign? Or a series of family pictures in matching frames?? Can’t wait to see what you come up with!! What a cool coffee table!!

    1. I have been deciding on what I wanted a sign to say Krista, great minds think a like 🙂 Do you already know what yours is going to say? Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it! ~Sonya

  4. Love your blog. Such a pretty room! I don’t think you need to hang anything over the TV – I think it looks great as is!

    1. Thank you Kim…now I don’t feel the pressure to put anything there, right now anyway! Can’t wait to check out your blog.
      Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by! ~Sonya

    1. Thanks Danielle! I don’t find things like that very often, so I was happy with myself. Heading over to Pinterest to find you.

  5. Hi Sonya! I just found your blog via this post pinned on Pinterest! We have much in common. I am married w/ two children — 15 and 19, our son the oldest. — and I love Jesus too! How have I never seen you in blogland before??? I’m not as much of a DIYer as you — but I do enjoy the occasional craft, and most of all keeping our home a welcoming place for everyone to come home to. I am your newest follower! Can’t wait to read more. ~Sally @Drinking From My Saucer

    1. I’m so happy you found me! Thank you for your sweet words. I look forward to checking out your blog. Have a great weekend ~Sonya

  6. I love this! Where did you get that lamp next to the couch? I love the height and shape!

    1. I bought that lamp a long time ago at Sam’s of all places. The lamp shade came from HomeGoods.

  7. Maggie orta says:

    Hi Sonya, I am a diy girl. I love the color on the tv cabinet , is it chalk paint also. Been deciding whether or not to use chalk paint, do you do by hand or a sprayer? Love it Maggie

    1. The TV cabinet is latex paint (mindful gray from sherwin williams) with glaze and distressing. I do all my furniture by hand unless it’s a big project that the sprayer will work better.

  8. I have a beautiful entertainment set but I don’t want the TV inside the cabinet anymore. I want to get a larger TV and put it on top of the entertainment set. But would that look funny?

    1. Does the entertainment piece come apart? IF so then you could just use it as I did for a table top.

    2. No it doesn’t come apart. It is a broyhill and its pretty tall. On the left is where you put music and on the right is 2 doors that open and TV goes in there.

    3. It doesn’t come apart. It is a broyhill and its chin high. I hate to get rid of it because it is so pretty. On the left is where you put music and on the right is 2 doors that open and TV goes in there. Any ideas? Thanks!

    4. That’s a bummer, I think it will be too high for a TV, if the other look is what you are going for. Maybe look for a cabinet that will work for your TV and you can re-purpose the other cabinet into something else.. craft storage, desk, etc.

    5. Thank you for your help.

  9. It looks beautiful! Love the rocking chair!

  10. It is so nice to see some color in a room. I love the red and the curtains which complement it. There are so many houses out there that are all white or off White. Your room really stands out !!

    1. Thanks so much! I love pictures of white rooms but I can’t live in one. 🙂

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