How to Host a Hassle Free Dinner

Hosting a dinner party, especially during the holidays can seem like lots of work and honestly sometimes a hassle. I’m here to share with you my top 5 tips for hosting without the hassle. Hosting is my love language.

How to Host a hassle free dinner #JoyToTheTable #ad

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Having people over is something I personally love. I work hard to create a home that allows for planned parties and impromptu gatherings.

Sharing what I have found to make this possible below.

How to Host a Hassle Free Dinner

If you’re like many other women, hosting a party any time of the year feels stressful. Especially during the holidays when the dinner probably includes more guests.

There are ways to take the hassle out of hosting if you consider the real goal of the event.

Spending time with others in community is a blessing. Take the blessing of your home and share it with others.

Keep your home the best place to be year round and hosting will be even easier.

Dining Room Casual table setting

Tip One: Let others help

Trying to do it all is for sure the biggest hassle. Of course, if you are inviting others for a special evening or casual dinner you may want to wait for them to offer to help. What I have found though, most guests always ask how they can help.

Most women I know, myself included, tend to think they are placing a burden on others when they accept an offer to bring something. It really is a nice gesture to let them help. A dessert, bottle of wine, or appetizer can really help out.

What guests can bring to a party


  1. Appetizers: Cheese platter, bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs, or a selection of dips with chips or veggies.
  2. Side dishes: Veggie trays, salads, or a potato gratin.
  3. Main dishes: If it’s a potluck-style dinner, guests can bring pasta, casseroles, roasted chicken, or a hearty stew.
  4. Desserts: Fruit platters with dips, brownies, cookies, pies, or cakes.
How to Host a hassle free dinner


  1. Wine: Ask guests to bring a bottle of their favorite wine to pair with the meal.
  2. Cocktails or mocktails: Someone could prepare a signature cocktail or non-alcoholic drink for the evening.
  3. Craft beer or artisanal beverages: If your guests are into beer, they could bring a selection of craft brews. For non-alcoholic options, mock tails are great too.
  4. Sparkling water or sodas: Flavored drinks or unique sodas can be a hit.

Tip Two: Prepare in advance

Anything that can be done ahead of time, do it. The decorating and table setting especially. You can make decorating simple and beautiful by using items around your home. I love to use gift wrap for table runners or faux greenery that I can move from place to place. Cute little accessories for napkins are always fun. I love to make food table signs as well.

Christmas Table everyday centerpiece

I used twine I already had on hand to tie around my napkins. Always keep white cloth napkins available because they easily match every season.

Tip Three: Music sets the mood

This is true especially during your dinner party but don’t forget to use music to keep your spirits up during the prepping stage. Music just makes everyone feel better. Try it, I promise it helps.

  • Acoustic
  • Soft Rock
  • Chill or lounge
  • Jazz

Tip Four: Use multipurpose tableware

Buy items for your table that will work for more than one holiday. These Woodlands dinnerware pieces from Cracker Barrel are going to be useful all winter long. All I will need to do is change out some of the added decorating touches to move easily from Thanksgiving to Christmas and even into January.

Creating a cozy casual table setting can make guests feel at home.

For Thanksgiving I added some greenery and a few pumpkins. Then for Christmas, I will just add my red chargers and instant change! The details on this dinnerware is fun and brings a design element too. Super easy, and hassle free.

How to host a hassle free dinner
How To Host a Hassle Free Dinner

Tip Five: Store bought is a great thing

Ready made food will be a life saver for hosting a hassle free dinner. These ready to serve holiday pies from Costco and Cracker Barrel are some of our favorites. You can order online and pick up at your local restaurant.

If you’re asked to bring a dessert to a dinner invite, grab a pie! Just remove it from it’s original container and place on one of your own platters.

Embellish store bought brownies. I buy the single serving round brownies from Costco, add whip topping and drizzle with caramel and nuts. Festive and simple.

Try this easy Caramel Coffee recipe for those cold gatherings.

How to host a hassle free dinner
How to Host a Hassle free dinner

I hope you found these tips helpful and they inspire you to bring joy to your table. Remember why you’ve invited people over in the first place. To share life together.

Have more tips for hosting a hassle free dinner? I’d love to hear about them.



  1. Sure, always an option. I love gathering in homes and many people put too much pressure on themselves for that.

  2. I find it interesting that you suggested that a person can opt to bring restaurant-made food in order to throw a dinner party at one’s home. Aside from these tips, one can also opt to book a venue inside a local restaurant to host it as well. Doing this will help a person have more time to relax once they get home too.

  3. Love all your tips Sonya! And I didn’t know you could order from Cracker Barrel online – where have I been?! And now I’m super hungry for pie – that looks so good 🙂

  4. I love this Sonya! Those fox plates are adorable and the centerpiece is perfect. Beautiful setting!

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