DIY Buffet Table Food Signs

These DIY buffet table food signs will make any holiday party or meal easy to navigate. Try this do it yourself craft project for your next Thanksgiving, Christmas party or tailgate.

Thanksgiving Buffet Table Food Signs -

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This year we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house and I’m really excited. Hosting friends and family is something I love to do. These buffet table food signs I created are a great way to let everyone know the name of each dish.

We are a big family who loves casual dining. This means most meals are no fancy table settings but buffet style dining instead. I love a beautiful table setting and I do set it up for a few dinners for just the four of us but for a crowd this big I always go casual.

Ray and I both have 4 siblings so gatherings are always large. I don’t mind it at all though, it’s something I am very thankful for.

DIY buffet table food signs craft

The mini canvas and mini easel craft would be fun to do for all of your holiday parties. This was a very simple and inexpensive project I completed in one afternoon. I was able to spray paint these outside and have them dried in no time.


Mini Easel Buffet Table Signs -

Get your easel prepped

Spray paint your easel or you can leave it wood if you prefer. I went with gold for the ones in these photos.

I grow rosemary in my back yard and I love the way it smells. I clipped off a few pieces for each mini easel and attached it with some yarn.

Twine would have been nice too if you want to make it into a bow and have it show. I didn’t necessarily want mine to show so I used yarn I already had. Be sure to tie it in the middle of the leg in order for the rosemary not to be too top heavy.

After I tied the knot I snipped off the longer strings with scissors. Once I placed the canvas on the easel the yarn would be hidden.

Mini Easel Buffet Table Signs -

Get your canvas ready

I spray painted my canvas with black spray paint but you can choose any color to coordinate with your table or party decor. The canvas is a 3 inch square. Cut the card stock paper to 2 1/2 inch square.

Be sure to write your menu item on your white card stock before you attach it to the canvas. It’s easier that way. Attach the paper to the canvas with double stick tape.

I used the double sided tape so I would be able to reuse the canvas. Make it fun too. My menu items were listed by what we call them in our family.

Helpful TIP: Use a square of your double sided tape to hold the canvas in place while in use

Thanksgiving Buffet Table Mini Easel Signs -
Thanksgiving Buffet Table Signs -

Christmas Decorating Inspiration

Buffet Table Mini Easel Signs -

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I hope you all know how thankful I am for you and the support you show me here in the little space of the internet.


  1. Oh my gosh Sonya, you just rocked my annual sleigh ride gathering buffet table! I just saw these little easels the other day at the Dollar Store. I’m definitely going to make these to label my assorted cheeses and dips. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  3. Your pictures do not load and I would like to discontinue subscribing to your site but…… button to unsubscribe???

  4. These are super cute and thank you. I hope you have a wonderful dinner with your family and thank you for all the wonderful ideas you share with us.

  5. these are so cute! Can’t wait to see some pictures of your table when its finished!! Happy Thanksgiviing!!

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