DIY Branch Project for Christmas

This DIY branch project for Christmas is an easy creation to bring a festive look to any space. I’ll show you how to create this for your own home with little or no spending.

Branch art holiday decor

Creating during the holidays is so much fun. It’s a time where I allow myself to do things a little more out of the box. Especially knowing it will only be here for a short while. Today I am going to show you how I created this tree branch art for my dining room holiday decor.

I actually foraged my tree branch from my back yard. Choosing the branch for this project will be up to you as far as the shape. I wanted one that was slightly bent with lots of wispy twigs. You will need to be sure the branch is relatively flat so you will be able to hang it up.

Hanging the branch on the wall:

  • This part might take an extra set of hands. My son helped me. Holding the branch to the wall will allow you to see where you will need to add your nails. I only used 2 nails.
  • Find at least one spot where you can get in between two of the branches for a good secure fit. In the “V” area you will add the nail. Then secure with floral wire.
  • I wrapped the floral wire around the branch first. Then alternating over and under around the nail with each wire end.

branch art for dining room holiday decor

Ideas for branch art:

Another fun idea would be to use a smaller branch and hang it straight up and down, like a tree. Then you could hang those small ornaments intended for little Christmas trees. Cute idea for spaces that don’t have room on the floor for a tree.

branch art with Christmas ornaments

Branch wall display

Branch wall art and Christmas decor

I plan to create a new art piece for this wall after the holidays. I’ll be sure to share that here when I have it completed. I show lots of behind the scenes of projects as they happen on my Instagram stories. Be sure to follow me there to see.

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