Christmas Sign inspired by Pottery Barn

The moment I saw the cover of the Pottery Barn Christmas catalog I text my sister a picture and said I have to make those Merry Christmas signs!

AND like that my Christmas Sign inspired by Pottery Barn was born!  I was actually inspired by many things in this catalog and will be bringing you another project next week.

There are times when the cost of a project doesn’t require you to do it yourself.  It’s not usually worth it if your supply cost, time and energy are greater than what you could have spent to just buy the item already made.

This was not one of those times, for 2 reasons! First, the Merry Christmas Sign from Pottery Barn was a 12 inch square and I wanted mine smaller and secondly the cost was $39.50 each!  I bought a new slim tree this year and I felt like 12 inch squares would be too big. I’m sure you can hang the Pottery Barn signs up too but I wanted mine in the tree just like the cover of the magazine.

So off to Michaels I went looking to gather supplies.  I had a totally different plan for completing this DIY project until I stopped at the $1 section!!!

My daughter LOVES cards, she has since she was a very little girl.  She still hand writes notes to her friends.  She also made custom cards for a few years as teacher gifts and even sold them.

Anyway, she grabbed up these cards and handed them to me!!
Christmas Sign inspired by Pottery Barn-Michaels Notecards

The brightest light bulb EVER went off in my head.  My project went from how will I make this to DONE!!

You are going to want to get to Michaels ASAP before all of the cards are gone!!!

I already had plywood at home from my Holiday Signs I made last year.  It is a 24 inch square of birch plywood and I cut it into 6 inch squares for this project. (One piece of this plywood is approx. $5 and you can get 16 squares from it)

Christmas Sign inspired by Pottery Barn-6 inch cut plywood

I then took them outside for some red spray paint.

Christmas Sign inspired by Pottery Barn -Krylon Spray Paint

While the paint dried I cut the cards in half.

Christmas Sign inspired by Pottery Barn-Notecards from Michaels $1 bin

Once the paint was dry, I used Mod Podge to glue the cards to the plywood.

Christmas Sign inspired by Pottery Barn-Mod Podge Glue

I can not even tell you how EASY this was!  Here is a little display of how they will look.

You will see them in my tree during my full Christmas Home tour on December 9th!

Christmas House Tour for a cozy Living Room

Christmas Sign inspired by Pottery Barn-Merry Christmas Sign


Christmas Sign inspired by Pottery Barn-Joy Sign

Now you have time to go and make your very own Christmas Sign inspired by Pottery Barn!

Christmas Sign inspired by Pottery Barn-Their's vs My DIY

Christmas Mantel Decor

DIY Drop Cloth Christmas Stocking 

In case you need more Christmas inspiration you can look back at my Christmas Tour 2013, click here.

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  1. Brilliant idea! I love how you got the Pottery Barn look without that crazy price.

    Pinning and sharing everywhere!

    I would love for you to share this project at my Show Me Saturday linky party. We are live now! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ~ Ashley

  2. Great minds think alike! I bought the same ones and did the same thing with them, even painted the wood behind red.

  3. Beautiful! You beat me too it… I saw these at Michaels and red frames at the thrift store and thought the same thing!!! Yours came out beautiful thanks for the great tutorial and for sharing a great idea ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. So funny, I just bought the same cards for the cover of my Dec. Daily photo album and was wondering what I could do with the rest. Thanks for the cute idea!!

  5. Sonya these are adorable….I’m gonna have to make a run to Michaels! GREAT idea!!!!


  6. I love those. I was just at Michaels today. Had I read your post first I sure would have been on the hunt for the note cards. I kind of struck out with everything I was looking for today ๐Ÿ™ Oh well, there is always plan B. I love the PB catalog also. So many things my heart desires !

  7. So cute, Sonya! I need 2 things: a Pottery Barn catalog and those note cards from Michaels. . Unfortunately, the closest one is about 30 minutes away from me! Can’t wait to see all your Christmas decorations!

  8. Oh my you’ve piqued my crafty interest – I went through the $1 bins the other day at my Michaels and didn’t see these. Good excuse for another trip today ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration – LOVE this idea Sonya!

  9. These look amazing! I actually bought these notecards from Michaels last week to use as, well, notecards. But your idea is perfect. Love this!!

  10. I just bought them on Monday! I was may just stick them in the tree as I did in the example but you can always hot glue some ribbon for hanging.

  11. I love this! I hope Michaels has some tomorrow. One question–how will you attach them to the tree?

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