How to Shop after Christmas Sale for Holiday Decor

Learn how to shop after Christmas sale for holiday decor in order to replace old decor, expand decor to other rooms, and change out decorating themes.

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Of all the years we have been married, 25 and counting, I rarely buy Christmas decor at full price. I would say, 90% of my holiday decor is from slashed prices from after Christmas sales.

I am already starting to see a trend where stores are starting to drop the prices early. This is good news for those who want to get a head start on next year.

Holiday decorating is fun and a great way to create a cozy home during the winter. It’s why I love placing little touches around the house. Our kitchen and bathroom Christmas tour showcases favorite touches.

See the bottom of the post for lots of great deals I found.

Personal ground rules before shopping

  • Do not buy just because it is on sale. Even a sale price is money spent. Plus, don’t over clutter your home just to grab a good deal.
  • Take this time to get rid of holiday items you aren’t using anymore. For broken items, toss it. If it’s in good shape, donate.
  • If you see something you love but you don’t really need it, phone a friend. Tell them about it to see if it’s something they need.

Tips for getting your favorite items

Make a written list for the new items you need or want. These are the type of things I write on my list.

  • decor, trees, lights that are old/broken and need replacing
  • new decor to add to other rooms
  • new theme idea or color scheme
  • holiday sheets and bedding (look for winter styles and you can use them longer)
  • look for items classified as holiday but can be everyday decor (think candlesticks)

These are things I try to get on my list to look for during after Christmas sales. Then I go to google and search. For instance, if I am looking for a new tree I will type in the search bar the size and style. Hit enter. Then click on the shopping tab to see if any of my favorite stores pop up.

I place lots of trust on the reviews. Most often, these sales are final. I would hate to get something that isn’t great quality.

Be sure to visit your favorite stores websites each day. New items may get added as well as prices dropped even more. This is when I like to look at stores that have higher quality and in general higher prices.

My favorite stores to shop these sales

I gathered some items I saw already on sale. Click on the photo below to see the full details and price.


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