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Less is More

This year we have decided that Less is More!

Less stuff means more time to concentrate on what is important… AND catching fish with Dad is at the top of the list!


Less is More

We all have so much more stuff in our homes than we could possible even want or need.  You get it right??? OR is it really true that all of the junk ends up At Home with the Barkers??

So, for the first 2 months of 2013 we have made great strides in our quest for Less is More.  You can read about my process on my Clearing the Clutter blog post.  Clothes have been donated, ebay items have been listed, and junk has been tossed in the trash.  We still have a long way to go…our attic and garage are stuffed with junk!

To stay motivated I joined up with

White House Black Shutters…

AND I am loving all of the inspiration and encouragement it is giving me.  It is never too late to join us! I certainly have more to do but I am feeling confident it will happen.

White House Black Shutters 40 Bags 40 Days
I would love for y’all to share your awesome tips on clearing out and keeping it that way!  Feel free to comment below with all your great information! 🙂

Happy Friday Friends! 




  1. Way to go on your Less is More plan. It’s true – having time to do the fun things (like fish with Dad) sure beats cleaning up ‘stuff’. My tip – just pick a spot and spend 15 minutes at it. It’s much easier to take a bit and work it than to eat the whole elephant at once.

    1. The 15 minute tip is the best Jackie! I should really be more consistent with that! Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

    2. Indeed: the 15-minute rule is a good one.

      De-cluttering can be overwhelming, especially if you’re like my family where there are SO many ‘opportunities for improvement’. And, I will admit, I am the King of Clutter at our house. Lordy.

      But (staying positive here) I have made major progress! My wife is the Anti Clutter and I’m slowly becoming that way too.

      Clutter kills. It kills your spirit. And it makes a BEAUTIFUL home look like crap. It’s crazy.

      We make it a point to be in de-cluttering mode every day — since it creeps up on you so quickly.

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