Organized Cleaning Arsenal

How to gather an organized cleaning arsenal to keep your home in tip top shape. Cleaning supplies and tools to help you clean better and faster.

When it comes to cleaning our home I prefer effective tools and products that clean the majority of our home. Most of the cleaning can be done with a few products and I’m going to share my favorites with you.

kitchen counter with styled open shelves and cleaning supplies

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Whether you’re spring cleaning or doing everyday cleaning, you don’t need a ton of products. Just a few that work well and make your time cleaning easier. Spring cleaning outdoors after the pollen hits us here in the south definitely takes more time.

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy a clean home but you don’t want to spend all of your free time doing it. Everything I share here are the items I use whether I am deep cleaning or daily cleaning.

A cleaning caddy is also the perfect way to quickly move from room to room with your supplies. The kind with the little holes works great so water doesn’t pool up.

Laundry Stripping hats in clean water in bathtub

Note: For deep cleaning towels, workout clothes, bedding and ball caps, try laundry stripping. While it does take a couple of hours it isn’t lots of hands on work.

I don’t like to spend tons of time on the daily cleaning. This is why I prefer to keep my products simple and multi-purpose. Tons of cleaning supplies can truly be a waste of money.

We have all found ourselves with a ton of bottles under our kitchen sink promising to be the best thing we have ever bought to clean our home. I secretly think we buy these things thinking it will make our life easier.

In reality, cleaning is a chore we must do not matter how many new products we buy. We still must do the work. I decided to stop over buying supplies. Keeping it simple for me to just grab and go.

Glass amber spray bottle, plant, and dish sitting on a tray
Clean kitchen sink view with glass amber bottle on counter
Cleaning tile floors the easiest way I've found!

Murphy’s oil soap uses!

Did you know Murphy’s Oil Soap can be used to clean more things than wood? Mix with water to create an all purpose cleaner, shine shower wall tiles

Bathroom counter with fresh clean towels

Non toxic cleaning

As much as possible I use non toxic, fragrance free products. Synthetic fragrances are extremely harmful to our health.

Thieves household cleaner is my all time favorite. The bottle is an ultra concentrated product which you mix with water. I mix mine in the glass amber bottle. You can’t mix essential oil products in plastic.

I add hydrogen peroxide to another glass bottle. The classic topical peroxide you use on cuts and scraps is the same thing here. It is an antiseptic, killing germs and bacteria. It does need time to work. Spray and let sit for at least 5 minutes before wiping clean.

I am not 100% holistic when it comes to our products but I do work to find the most effective without harsh chemicals. My natural living journey is a process that you should read more about.

I hope this helps make your cleaning a little less of a chore. If you have a great non toxic cleaning product I would love to know about it. Just comment below.


  1. I love the Real Simple magazine and this cute bucket is motivation to get more spring cleaning done! Great post!

  2. I was the same way with my supplies…all over the place! I’ve already started today using the bucket method! Love it!

  3. Totally into the spring clean! I’m swooning over the cute bucket! What a fun idea!

  4. Love the Duck Tape on the bucket…certainly makes cleaning brighter! I’ve got to get started spring cleaning around here. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I love magazines too! and I love Target 🙂 I need to create a cleaning arsenal! Lord knows I need to clean!

  6. I am a magazine junkie and need to get to Target to get my copies of Cooking Light and Real Simple. I enjoy both of those magazines and always get great ideas from them. Your cleaning bucket is a great idea. Having everything in one spot makes cleaning that much easier.

  7. I love the way Target offers gift cards with certain purchases. Sweet bucket Sonya, great idea to keep all the cleaning supplies in an easy tote.

  8. Love your bucket!! Wanted to pass along a tip, I clean houses and am always looking for the best supplies and ways to organize them. Also, looking for the best deal on the price. I have been making my own cleaning solution and love it! So do my clients. I bought a good spray bottle, fill it half with vinegar and then finish with hot tap water, last I add about 2-3 tsp Dawn dish washing liquid and gently mix. This cleans everything, tile, tubs, toilets, stainless steel and leaves a beautiful shine. Disinfects as you clean. It cleans tile floors beautifully but you do have to rinse so for floors I have a separate bottle with no Dawn. Give it a try and see what you think!

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