Three New Year Resolutions for the Home {anyone can keep}

It’s almost here, a new year!  Can you believe it’s about to be 2014?

I am personally looking forward to this year.  I have so many plans for my home and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Three New Year Resolutions for the Home

What I have learned from years of doing projects in my home is that I work so much better when my daily housework is taken care of first. I’m not talking about cleaning the entire house top to bottom.  I’m talking about the top 3 things you and I can do daily to make everything else easier when it comes to house work.

Here are Three New Year Resolutions for the home that we can all keep!

1.  Make the bed (and teach your kids to do the same!)

Making the bed is something that I do everyday, as soon as I get out of the bed…of course, if my honey is still asleep, I will wait until he gets up 😉  I think this is the easiest chore in the home yet makes the biggest difference.  It makes the bedroom instantly feel cleaner.  So, starting today, make your bed, everyday, you will be happy you did!

2.  Keep up with the laundry

Ok, so we all have to wash clothes, fold clothes, and put clothes away.  Procrastinating this chore is never a good idea.  It usually leads to starting the washer and dryer all over again, which cost money.  I’m certainly not pointing fingers at you guys, I AM GUILTY OF THIS! I usually am good for a while then I will let it pile up.  It’s that moment when I’ve let it pile up that I want to kick myself.  Instead of looking at it like a horrible chore, I have decided to look at the positive.  The fact that there are 2 machines in my house that do all the hard work for me, all I have to do is be grateful that I have clean clothes to wear…then fold them and put them away!

3. Plan Meals

This one is a BIG one…maybe I should have listed it first! Making a plan for dinner before 6:00 when everyone in your home is starving, is so important!  I’m not going to tell you to make a month worth of freezer meals, which if you do that I’m so jealous right now, but just plan it out a couple of days in advance.  A full week plan would be perfect.  My plan this year is to get better with my grocery budget and planning my meals will be a great start to doing that.

Now, I’m curious…do you make New Year Resolutions?  Are you specific about your goals?  I’d love to know what you do around your home that makes housework easier.  Share in the comments because I am sure everyone else would love to read them too!

*If you are looking for more organizing ideas in your home you may like to check out my Bring this Home to Order series.

Happy New Year Sonya with snowflake



  1. Laundry is a big one that I am horrible at. It will be all clean and dry but in a pile to be folded and put away. With the New Year coming I am planning on the kids having their own basket that they must put away themselves. All 3 are ones that can be done, but laundry and dinner are ones I really need to work on. Thanks for sharing your plan!

  2. I have the same goals, Sonya. If I could get those things under control, I feel like life would flow so much more smoothly.

  3. We’ve been hard-core top-o-the-mornin’ bed makers for quite some time. Even the kids do it! We’re pretty good with the laundry too, but the meal planning, that’s another story entirely.
    I woke up this morning already thinking that that is the ONE area I’m really going to work on getting organized for 2014. Maybe then my kids won’t have to suffer through tacos and spaghetti every other night!
    Thanks for the tips 🙂
    Hugs & Happy New Year!

  4. I started planning (in September) all my meals one month in advance and I love it! I downloaded a 12 month view spreadsheet from Microsoft excel and filled in meals in 2013 for each month with the grocery list to the side. When I came around to January there was a button to change the date cells to 2014! Surprise for me! It updated the ss with 2014 dates and all the meals stayed. Half of 2014 is already planned out WITH THE GROCERY LIST! It saves me tons of money and lots of emergency trips to the store.
    Great New Year’s resolution ideas……I really need help on the laundry one 🙂

  5. Planning meals…I have to improve on that one. We honestly don’t enjoy eating out that much unless it’s something really good and when the meals don’t get planned eating out happens more often. I read recently (and maybe you said it) that meals should be planned by 10. I’m working on that. Happy New Year!!

  6. YES, Paula…doing the dishes is huge as well. I make a point to do that as well. A clean sink in the morning makes a big difference.

  7. Great tips! Your three are about the only ones I can manage. 🙂 On days that the bed doesn’t get made, I feel like our entire bedroom is in shambles. Also, I would much prefer getting into a bed at night that’s been made!

    For me, if I could add a #4 to the list, it would be do the dishes each night. We usually eat late during the week and then both fall asleep on our sofas. I really dislike waking up to a messy kitchen. I think one of my 2014 goals should be to do the dishes each night!

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