Walmart Christmas Decor Haul

Walmart Christmas decor haul to easily update and mix with the decor you already own. Affordable, cozy cottage Christmas decor from Walmart.

Walmart Christmas Decor Haul

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One of the ways to update your Christmas decor is to find a few new affordable pieces to mix in with your current items. This is a good way to create a new theme from year to year without spending much money.

A recent poll on my Instagram account revealed that 84% of my followers wanted me to share how to decorate with things they already owned, and 16% said they would be buying some new.

This is the perfect post to show those who will be using what they have how a small budget can give an updated style. I only spent around $52.

Walmart Holiday Pillows

Walmart is one of my favorite places to grab new items. Last year I added these wreaths and this garland. It had been a very long time since I replaced those items. These are updated and look more real than what I had.

Most people don’t realize the amount of decor that can be purchased from Walmart, especially online. I took one for the team and went into my local Walmart to be able to share some photos of what I saw and bought. This was the best year, in my opinion, for decor at Walmart.

My Walmart Christmas decor haul

Here is how I approach buying new items for the season.

  • Choose gift wrap as the color palette
  • Buy one item that lends to the theme
  • Purchase items that can work throughout the year

I start by laying things in my cart that catch my eye. I can usually see a theme forming right away. You can do the same online by adding to your cart.

Christmas Haul Walmart Decor

This year it was cozy and natural. While I have decorated without red before, my family prefers that I add it in. So, I do that for them.

Then as I find items and add to my cart, I will remove things that aren’t playing well with my idea. I should say, I shop for new items like this before I pull out any of my decor.

Christmas decor haul walmart

I don’t over buy. Just enough to put a little update into my decor.

This year I wanted a cozy cottage or cabin feel. With warm coloring and thoughts of years past. A vintage style concept.

Once I start pulling my new items together with my current decor, I will then see how it plays together.

This is what my Walmart Christmas decor haul looks like. This cozy trellis pillow can be used out of season and I love that.

Walmart Christmas Decor Haul

Now you can see how easy it is to keep all of the decor you love and give it a fun update. All on a small budget.

Shop more Walmart finds by clicking on the photo:

Walmart Christmas Decor Haul Graphic

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I especially love the bells and the pillows. I recently purged a lot of old Christmas decor, and trying to use more things that are versatile and can be used all winter. Need to get to Wal-Mart and check out their decor!

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