DIY State Art

Learn to make this fun and personalized home decor DIY state art.

DIY State Art- At Home with The Barkers

I have been wanting to share my DIY State Art with you guys for a while now and I am finally getting it posted. I am also excited that I get to collaborate with and Glazer’s Camera on this post with the cool Instax Mini 8 to add some fun detail to my art. Every time I share with you it is to inspire you to have courage to create something for your home.

The photos I took to add to my art are to show you what inspires me to be a maker. BUT first the details to for creating the DIY State Art.

I purchased a 4 x 8 foot piece of birch plywood.  I have used this plywood in the past on my wooden holiday signs. You can cut yours to the size you need. I needed mine large because of the wall space I needed to fill. Mine is a 4 x 4 square. I stained it with dark walnut stain. I wiped it on with a sponge brush and wiped it right off with a rag. I wanted to see lots of wood grains.

DIY South Carolina Art Staining Process

My husband helped here and we created a frame on the back with 1 x 3 pieces of wood. We used our Kreg jig to make pocket holes to build the frame. The same steps that I used when we built our Board and Batten Shutters. I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t bow because it is so big. I used wood glue to secure the frame to the plywood. Clamp it and let it dry before continuing.

DIY State Art How to to build the frame

The state stencil was created old school by hand.  I googled and image of South Carolina. Then I pulled out my gift wrap that had the cut line markings on the back so I would have a grid. Since SC is shaped somewhat like a triangle I marked 3 points as reference. Then I added a few more reference points.  After that I eyed the google image and drew it in.  It’s not a perfect SC but it is close enough.

I traced it onto the plywood board with a piece of chalk then painted it in with a watered down chalky paint, then sanded and waxed.

DIY SC Art Stencil and Paint

I took this cute little camera around the house and took photos of what makes me creative.

DIY SC Photo Art with Instax mini 8

Photos of fabric color I adore, textures, my favorite spot to sit and blog, my son’s musical instruments, my daughter and her friends, magazine’s…

I draw inspiration from all around my home.  It’s mostly from the people and the love that lives here.  I don’t think you need access to lots of money and lots designer things to have a beautiful space, we’re all creative deep down.

DIY SC Art with Instax mini photos
DIY State Art Photos

I added some of the special photos to my DIY State Art and I attached them with washi tap in the shape of a heart.

Really, home is where the heart is and where the heart is the creativity lies.

DIY SC Art and Photos
DIY South Carolina Art
DIY SC Home Sweet Home Art
DIY South Carolina Home Sweet Home Art
DIY South Carolina Painted State Art
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