Kitchen Makeover One Room Challenge Week 2

The kitchen makeover one room challenge week 2 is already here, yikes! I haven’t done much physical work in the room yet because I was hosting Easter lunch with my family and I didn’t think that a displaced kitchen would be fun for anyone.

I did place some orders for some of my supplies. I decided on the paint and cabinet hardware! I do have a few paint samples on my cabinets that my kids haven’t even noticed yet. That should give you a good idea that around our house, you are always expecting change and you just roll with it.

I mentioned in my Week 1 Post that I would be painting the cabinets black and white.  The actual colors are called Carbon and Primitive.  Instead of white I decided on a soft gray color and primitive was perfect.  The paint is Americana Chalky finish paint that I love and have used it on many projects including my grain sack inspired bench makeover, a midcentury modern dresser, and painted pumpkins. My friends at DecoArt are giving me the paint!

One Room Challenge Kitchen Makeover Paint

The hardware is very exciting for me.  I’m stepping it up a little with these Hickory Hardware Studio Collection Veneti Bronze pulls and knobs. The reason I am super excited is because I won a contest with Hickory Hardware and was awarded new hardware for any room in my home! My Ikea Rast Hack Rolling Craft Cart was voted in the top three of the contest and the top three finishers won!  YAY!!!

Bronze Studio Pull One Room Challenge

Bronze Studio Knob One Room Challenge

Now I really need to get busy painting the cabinets! As soon as my paint comes in the mail.

We will start pulling off the chair rail trim around the breakfast area in order to add some planking to the wall. Then our BIG goal is to get rid of the table and build and island that will function both as a table and work surface. We have people over often and I want to be able to have everyone hang out together. The island would be a big help with this.

One Room Challenge Kitchen Makeover Week 2

If you missed it, start you can start with WEEK 1 of the Kitchen Makeover Plans. To see all of the linking participants for this awesome One Room Challenge, stop by Calling It Home.

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  1. You can with the right paint. I am using a chalky finish paint on mine and it is suppose to stick to everything. I have used it on many pieces of furniture and it has done great.

  2. love that hardware!! it’s going to be stunning. so looking forward to hearing all about the cabinets…painting ours in on my short list {but my husbands long list} of things to do! good luck!

  3. I bet you’ll love the clean look of freshly painted cabinets. I know it was such a relief to get our glazed cabinets covered. Made a huge difference. Such glam hardware too! Can’t wait to see more!

  4. Hey deciding on paint and hardware is quite an accomplishment! Those are always the hardest details. I love the cute sign in your kitchen above your door:)

  5. Sweet! Lucky you on the paint & the hardware. I bet your kitchen is going to be amazing and a TON of work! Good luck on all that you are doing! Can’t wait to follow along! 🙂

  6. That hardware is so interesting–I think it will make a great contrast with the paint colors! I’m also painting my cabinets, and man is it time consuming! The difference is huge, though. Can’t wait to see how this turns out. Excited to see what you come up with for the island, too!

  7. Well, making progress, sounds like you have a lot done, i know you are excited and ready to get it started. Have fun and do not get too tired.

  8. Love the hardware! I think this Easter weekend was hard for a lot of us to find time to work on our rooms, but sounds like you have a lot getting ordered and making progress.

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