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Gallery Wall Tips

5 Gallery Wall Tips

Last week when I shared my spring home decor on the blog I showed you some of my new gallery wall in the living room. I love sitting in this room and looking at the wall.  So many great compliments about it I thought I would share with you my perfectly imperfect gallery wall tips!

Gallery walls can contain anything you want them to.  Family photos, nature art, collectibles, etc. I was going for an eclectic gallery wall so a little bit of this and little bit of that was going to be perfect for my eclectic wall. I gathered everything I had around my house and laid it all out on the living room floor. Even pieces from other walls, thrift store art, wedding photos, and a couple of new things I had bought with my Kirkland’s gift card that I was given for my spring decor.

I am not one of those people who measures everything exactly and makes sure it works before I nail holes…I’m a try this here, then move it if it didn’t work. I will say, I have this knack for “eyeing” things.  I do use a level to make sure things are straight but otherwise, I go with my gut.

Here are my gallery wall tips I do keep in mind.

1. Size Balance:

To ensure that your wall does in fact look pleasing to the eye balance of items is very important. A mix of small, medium and large items are best.  Start by hanging the large items first. I hung the big rectangular Wood art first because I knew it needed to go in the tall space. Then the galvanized B and the mountain art went next.

Also, I try and keep the outer edge close to even.  Not perfect because like I said, that’s not my style but close enough.

(FYI, look closely at the TV screen and you can see my imperfect self and white board in the shot, LOL!!!)

Gallery Wall Tips and Tricks

2. Color Balance:

Most of my wall is muted, natural colors with black, gold and a few shades of blue.  After the large pieces were up I added the medium size pieces based on color.

Gallery Wall Tips

3. Thrifted Pieces:

Thrift store pieces are the best and cheapest types of art to add detail to a gallery wall.  The scenery art was all thrifted with a few custom pieces that I made over. The monogram B and #4 art were both thrift store makeovers.

Spring Home Decor and Greenery

4. Sentimental pieces:

Of course, I had to add a wedding photo and a couple from when my kids were younger. The woven flower was from a family trip to Charleston, SC and I just used a gold thumb tack and stuck it in the wall.

Spring Home Tour and Eclectic Gallery Wall

5. Filler pieces:

The smaller pieces will be used to fill in the space. Like the iron key and the brass anchor door knocker. These filler pieces are interesting pieces for the gallery wall but they also help fill in any extra space for more balance.

Spring Home Tour TV Gallery Wall

Now I have to know, anyone else “wing” things like me?  I’ve tried the measuring, marking and all that jazz and I ended up with more nail holes than doing it my perfectly imperfect way.

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  1. This looks fantastic. I love Gallery Walls. I just posted about ours a few posts ago as well. I just love Gallery walls framing out a TV. So fantastic. I love all your gold.

  2. Marlene Stephenson says:

    I have been looking at my wall behind my tv and wondering what i could do this will certainly help, thanks Sonya. Hope you had a great weekend.

  3. I am inspired! I’ve been wanting to do a gallery wall but I’ve been putting it off! Well done!

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