One Room Challenge Fabric

It gets worse before it gets better right? If you have ever done a room makeover on a time crunch then you know that to be true.

This week I’m talking One Room Challenge™ fabric options. I finally made my decisions and have my fabric ready to go.

First, let’s talk paint…

Before I get to the fabric details I have to tell you about the not so fun part. Painting this space is going to take forever. I tried using the sprayer I used to paint my dining table but because I have to water down the paint it is just absorbing into the plywood walls like crazy. I spent a few hours yesterday and still only have one wall partially done. It is also taking longer because of the exposed studs.

Painting the interior shed white

I’m going back at it today with high hopes though. I’m going to try to roll on the paint hoping that because it isn’t watered down it will not absorb into the wood so much. I decided since the entire room will be white, to use straight primer. It’s cheaper and will cover all of the black ink stamps on any of the wood.

Back to the fun part. I shared with you in my week 2 update that I was waiting for some blankets to be delivered. I wanted to choose the coordinating fabrics after they arrived.

As you can see from my inspiration photos, one thing I love most was the black and white buffalo check. I decided for my space that I wanted to go with the tan and white buffalo check because it would look best with my sofa’s I already owned.

Ikea Fabric selections for ORC

I was able to find that buffalo check fabric at IKEA this past weekend and I was thrilled. The other fabrics I already had in my stash. I usually buy fabrics a few yards at a time if I see something that I love and is neutral enough to go with many other patterns. I will also be using drop cloths for a surprise project my sister and I came up with. Still have to figure out how to make it work.

Buffalo Check Fabric ORC

Mixing fabrics is one of my favorite decorating and design elements. Picking pattern size and prints that work well together can be tricky but once you lay out a winning combination you know it!

ORC Fabric Selection

What I really loved from my inspiration photos were the white walls, leather, and the contrast of textures. I am happy with how this shed makeover is coming along but there is still so much to do at this halfway point.

Still to complete…

Paint, sew pillows, recover the ottoman, create the serving area, decided on plants and pots for the porch, build a bigger shelf for under the TV, and much MORE!

I’m so happy to have you hear following along with me. If you love Instagram like I do you can follow along there with #AHWTBshedmakeover to see some extra photos.

You can see my one room challenge kitchen makeover from last spring HERE. Be sure to follow along with all of the other One Room Challenge participants to see how everyone else is moving along on their rooms.

See all of the SHED makeover progress here:







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  1. Your blog is so much fun! You have great ideas, and I love how you are mixing fabrics. Would love to meet you one day. I don’t live far away, just up the mountain in Hendersonville. We go to Greenville all the time. You are a big inspiration! I am working on content to start my own blog.

  2. All that painting seems like a nightmare, but it will look SO good when it’s done! Especially with your fabric choices. 🙂

  3. That is so true about the sprayer! It worked great on the table and chairs. I think because of the smaller area it has to cover. Thanks for stopping by the blog. ~Sonya

  4. Mixing fabric patterns can be so difficult, but it definitely looks like you’ve got a great combination going on. So sorry to hear about that paint issue. I used a sprayer exactly once and decided it was more hassle than help. I suppose it all depends on the project, though. Keep up the great work!

  5. I love your fabric choices Sonya.
    This is so much fun to follow your progress! You are well on your way and everything is lovely.
    I hope you will share this today at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.
    Just stop by my blog to join in.
    Enjoyed visiting,
    White Spray Paint

  6. Looks amazing! I love chosing fabrics for spaces. You did an amazing job, and I can’t wait to see it take shape!

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