Dining Room Summer Decor

Simple Summer decor touches for a traditional dining room.

Dining Room Urban Country Style Decor

I’m not someone who decorates a room, loves it, then leaves it for years. I have this need to change things around, way too often for my husbands liking. There are times when I wonder if it’s just because I like experimenting with my decor or is it because I haven’t found exactly what I am looking for in my design. I will seriously “finish” decorating a room then within a week have new ideas for it.

Tell me, is that normal? Is that the creative me or the I can’t find my style me?

Urban Farmhouse Decor for Summer Dining Room

For instance, my dining room summer decor has me all kinds loopy. I love it, most of the time.

You see this room has a story, a story hidden in at least 5 coats of paint. Last Summer while I was away for a few days my husband surprised me by adding the board and batten to the walls. I had mentioned it to him about a month prior of my idea about it but he took the ball and ran with it. It was a great surprise!

Dining Room Summer Decor

At the time I thought I would step out of my comfort zone with a blue wall color. Gorgeous color really and my family loved it but I just couldn’t leave it alone. I’m not afraid of color but I tend to like bold neutrals so I recently repainted it in Enduring Bronze. The same color I used on my master bedroom accent wall earlier this year. Pretty color that tends to look a grayish olive.

Dining Room Decor for the Summer
Summer Dining Room Lamp Vignette

I am considering changing the red (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Emperors Silk) from the furniture piece.  Any suggestions? I will be leaving the red houndstooth fabric on the chairs but the window treatment fabric has lots of colors. Or should I just take it back to the wood? Leave me a comment if you have any great suggestions.

Summer in the Dining Room with Board and Batten
Urban Farmhouse Dining Room Style
Summer Decor in the Dining Room

Oh yea…the dining room summer decor…that wooden bowl from Ross is filled with shells I’ve collected. I also thought that adding the natural touches was a good contrast with the black. Just a touch of summer but just a enough. See more about the chandelier ideas I’ve created.

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  1. I agree with Christina and some of the others. The room looks great as it is. If you paint the dresser green, the room will be overpowered with green with the upper wall being green already. Don’t second guess yourself.

  2. I love the red, but I think it would be beautiful in a squash color as well. Beautiful room!

  3. Love the entire room! I have been looking fora picture of horses or horse similar to yours. I have seen them in other room decor, but have not seen one’s similar in stores. I like the movement in their bodies & strength, but gentleness in their faces.

  4. I love the pop of color the red dresser brings and how it pulls that color from your curtains. I would leave it as is.

  5. oh ME ME ME! I love the actual rearranging and painting and decorating! So when I finish, it won’t be long before I change again….. 🙂 Its FUN!

  6. The dresser picks up the best color in the drapes. Leave the red alone. The room looks great as it is.

  7. While I really do LOVE the pop of red…..my suggestion would also be green…..what the heck, it’s just paint!

  8. Your dining room is beautiful! I love the contrast of the dark walls against the white board and batten. I’ve been contemplating painting our dining room a darker color, but just can’t take the plunge. I think the red dresser looks great, although if your looking to paint it, what about taking a shade of green from the curtains?

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