Painted Coffee Table

DIY Painted Coffee Table with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Happy Friday my sweet friends!

Summer is in full swing in the south and let me just say IT IS HOT! Like super duper you can barely stand it outside hot! We have an awesome project that we are working on (more about that later) that is involving lots of time in the heat. We are taking it easy and being smart about it BUT seriously working our way through what we started after I read this BOOK.

Don’t worry though there are plenty of indoor projects that can be accomplished in the cool air. My painted coffee table is the perfect example. Over the past year, less than that really, this coffee table has been painted three times.

The first time it looked like this but I thought it was too white and too distressed.

Coffee Table Makeover-Distressed detail

The second time it was pink…Annie Sloan Scandanavian Pink to be exact.

Gorgeous color and I love it on my night stands in my master bedroom but not so much in the living room.  I tried it out with my new rug.

New Rug for the Family Room

The third time I decided to go back with a lighter color but not so white and less distressing. I picked Annie Sloan Old Ochre and I like it a lot.

Painted Coffee Table with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old Ochre

I have been much more into neutrals lately but I am mixing and matching some fabrics to sew a few pillows.  Those pillows there on the couch look a little sad and lonely.

Living Room with painted coffee table

I’ve been going with less color around the house and I am really loving it. I painted the big mirror behind the sofa first then I painted the arrow lighter that is hanging in this room.

Painted Coffee Table Old Ochre from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

You can see the story behind that decor item HERE but here is what it looks like now.

This is the view if you were sitting on the couch. You can see into our kitchen that had a recent makeover. I want those wood plank walls in every room…don’t tell my hubby though, he may just leave me 🙂

Metal rustic arrow wall art

Truth be told I really want a new coffee table but not really sure what style. I found some inspiration but I’m still undecided. For now I thought painting the one I had was the wisest thing since I already had all of this paint at home. In all three colors, I didn’t spend any money.

SO tell me, do you have a piece you have painted many times? Can you remember what has the most colors on it?

Blog Signature-Charcoal, Gold

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  1. I’m so glad to have you reading my blog. I love leather and I think it can work with any style. Your cognac sofa sounds lovely…I’d take it for sure. ~Sonya

  2. I love the table and I wouldn’t get a new one. The color is PERFECT and I just absolutely love the style. I like the ornate roller looking things on the top and I was thinking about how I could add that to the top of my coffee table. lol.

    I was most drawn to your “brown” leather sofas. My mother in law wants to give me her VERY expensive Italian leather “cognac” sofa. It’s very worn in and lovely. I’ve been hesitant because cognac is such a hard color to decorate with but I love how unique it is and when I see pieces like your sofa, it convinces me it would be the right move. I’m glad to have found your blog … I’ll keep watching!

  3. Love lines of your table, details are very pretty, the color enhances pretty lines.
    Hope your family had wonderful July4th. Happy week

  4. The coffee table looks beautiful! Perfect! Check it off your list and work on something else or relax.

  5. I really enjoyed reading about your projects. I need to redo some things in an older home and want a soft finish. Thank you, Tanya

  6. Sonia I love your fireplace. I painted my living room pumpkin and I love the way it looks but . . . . . I was thinking of planking over our fireplace with white wood. I think it would look good – what do you think?

  7. It looks very elegant. Very classy, and because it is a nuetral color it goes very well with the rest of the living room!

  8. Tell you what, I think third times a charm and you got it just right! I like this version best of all. I am one of those who loves neutrals too. I keep a little color going by changing pillow covers, floral arrangement and other easy to do accessories.

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