Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas One Room Challenge Fall 2018

Here I am, yet again, jumping into the One Room Challenge at the last minute. This 6 week design challenge event is always just what I need to get myself into gear for completing some projects. Our master bedroom has been on the back burner for basically ever! Empty nester years are going to call for a grown up master bedroom makeover.

I will be joining hundreds of other bloggers weekly as we transform a space in our homes. Thursday was officially week one of the one room challenge fall 2018 so I am playing catch up. You can follow along here each week. If you subscribe to my email, I promise to try and send you a reminder. I’m trying to be better at email! Final reveal will be November 7th.

Past One Room Challenges I have done:

Here is how the bedroom started, sort of, on it’s best day. The past couple of years I took out anything colorful, painted over the dark accent wall and darkened the wood headboard. What you can’t see in this photo is the flaking trim, the worn out paint on the night stands and the blanket I tried to bleach from blue to white. That blanket turned a weird yellowish green.

The real life, just this week, photo is below this one. Not to mention the other side of the room where there was a dresser and a console table with a huge TV on it. Cords were everywhere and it was a hot mess. I don’e even have a photo. Once I started moving furniture earlier this week it was on.

One Room Challenge Fall 2018 Master Bedroom before

Master Bedroom Ideas

  • Furniture: rearrange
  • New bedding: quilt, euros, throw blanket
  • Headboard: wood or fabric (DIY headboard want work)
  • Bench: fix mine or build new one
  • Night stands: paint
  • Rug: vintage looking to layer over the new carpet we had installed last year
  • Windows: sheer curtains with black out pulldown shade
  • Hang TV
  • Fix trim paint: (see why HERE)
  • Ceiling fan: must keep a fan but needs new light
  • Lamps: love my current ones but would love more to have wall sconces
  • Art/Wall Decor: I have something in mind but I’m saving but I’ll see how it goes

The plan is to stick with my earthy, natural vibe that I love but with a little more glam thrown in. Moody spaces speak to me but I am also a girl who likes things bright during the day. SO, finding a balance with contrast will be my biggest challenge.

I rearranged the furniture already to see if what I was thinking will work. So far so good.

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