Nightstand Ideas

Sharing a collection of nightstand ideas to add multipurpose function to your bedroom as well as making a decor statement. Learn how to choose the right bedside table for your space.

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Anytime I share our nightstands in our primary bedroom I always get the question “where did you get those?” I have had mine for close to 20 years. They were wood and I painted them.

I have looked around and sourced some wonderful options for you to shop. These are all intended to give the look and feel of mine.

Nightstand Design and Style

What can I use as a bedside table? Any type of furniture can be used as a nightstand. Keep in mind the size and shape of the piece as well as the functionality.

White Bedroom Makeover with mauve
This desk works as a night stand in our daughters room but also can be used to pop her laptop up when she is home from college.

Should a nightstand be higher or lower than bed? The rule of thumb is your nightstand should be level with the top of your mattress, plus or minus 2-4 inches. I personally think it should be shorter. Being even with the mattress or slightly taller is esthetically pleasing as well as more functional.

Do you need two night tables? I believe you do, as long as you have room. If space only allows one then use only one. Having a nightstand on both sides of the bed balances out your space.

Do both bedside tables need to match? This will be preference in style. They do not need to match but they do need to balance each other out. Similar size and weight will ground the room.

Christmas Decor Master Bed

Our nightstand through the years

Our nightstands are a good size 3 drawer dresser. We love that we have the extra drawers for storage. I use my side for socks and swimsuits. Ray uses his side for books, workout gadgets and white t-shirts.

Nightstand Shopping Guide

You can shop any of these links below by clicking on the photo.

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