Sea Shell Angel Ornaments {or gift accessory}

We have been making these Sea Shell Angel Ornaments for a few years now.

They are easy and make for a fun activity with family. My sister and I have gotten together and made them with our children.  It is fun for all of us.  Just be sure to watch the hot glue gun if you have small children.

Sea Shell Angel Ornaments-At Home with The Barkers

I love collecting sea shells every summer when I am at the beach.

I don’t always do anything with them but I still bring home a big bag full!  I’ve done this since I was a little girl.

Sea Shell Angel Ornaments-shell collecting

Besides the shells all you need is a hot glue gun, scrap fabric, ribbon and beads or stones if you like.

Everything is attached with the hot glue.

Start by laying out your shells that you want to use.  Then hot glue them together.  Next hot glue on the fabric and ribbon.

Here is what it looks like from the back.

Sea Shell Angel Ornaments-hot glue

They look so much prettier from the front.

Sea Shell Angel Ornaments-At Home with The Barkers

Sea Shell Angel Ornaments-At Home with The Barkers

I have used these Sea Shell Angel Ornaments many different ways.  I’ve hung them on my main Christmas tree, I have decorated a small themed tree with these angels along with stick crosses my son made when he was little.  Also, you can hang them on a lamp, attach them to a gift box with a beautiful ribbon or give them away as gifts.

Sea Shell Angel Ornaments-At Home with The Barkers

I’ve mentioned a few different ways I would use these Sea Shell Angel Ornaments but I’m always looking for other ideas.

How else would you use them?  I’d love your ideas for future Christmas decorating.

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  1. Such a sweet idea! We have hundreds of shells we’ve collected over the years, and this is a great way to display them! Thanks!

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