Christmas Tree Decorating

Try these artificial Christmas tree decorating ideas to give depth and interest. Faux Christmas tree tips and tricks.

I shared my Neutral Christmas Home Tour on Friday and you all made my day with your sweet emails and comments. The amount of you that loved the black, white, and metallic decor surprised me. I know red is such a traditional color to decorate with for the holidays, it’s hard to make a change.

Today I wanted to share more details about the Christmas tree specifically. I thought sharing more details about how I decorated the tree this year would let you see how easy and inexpensive it was to change things up.

Tips for decorating your Christmas tree

I am never one to spend money unnecessarily. Buying holiday decor when it is on major sale is my best advice. My tree is a great purchase we made a couple of years ago at Hobby Lobby. I paid $99 for this 9 foot faux slim tree the day after Christmas. Pre-lit trees can cause too many issues with the lights so I opted for one without lights.

Here is how the tree looks undecorated. Make your artificial tree look 100 times better by fluffing the branches.

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips and Tricks

First I went through my current ornaments and pulled out all of the one’s that would go with my neutral theme. I had some pretty metal one’s passed on to me from my parents. As well as some I had collected over the years. Last year I thought about going neutral so I purchased a big container of plastic metallic ornaments from Walmart but ended up sticking with my reds.

Plastic snowflake ornaments have been on my tree fro many years. You can buy a pack of those at Walmart too.

Once I added everything I owned already here is how the tree looked.


It still felt like something was missing. I am one of those people who like to really fill my tree in with things. Even though I am simple in most of my decor, I tend to over do it on the ornaments.

The fake snow is really just Poly-fil stuffing from my sewing supplies. I’ve used thing for years because it isn’t messy like other fake snow.

To get my tree to a point where I was happy, I headed to Walmart. I was able to purchase 6 silk white poinsettia stems and 6 wooden JOY ornaments in the craft section. Each item was .97 cents each.

Neutral Christmas Home Tour using Black, White, and Metallic

Then I headed to my back yard and gathered twigs. I spray painted those white and stuck them randomly around the tree.

Neutral Christmas Home Tour using Black, White, and Metallic

Lastly, I had extra burlap in my fabric stash. I cut pieces about 6 inches by 6 inches. Then I grab them in the center making a simple rosette. I stuffed those into any places left bare.


The tree turned out beautifully. I barely spent any money and ended up with a completely different tree this year.

Neutral Christmas Home Tour using Black, White, and Metallic

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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips and Tricks


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