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Bedrooms Christmas Home Tour

A look through two bedrooms Christmas home tour. One neutral and one colorful. Two looks, same house. Simple holiday style ideas you can add to your bedroom.

Christmas Master Bed

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Here we are, day three of my 2020 Christmas home tour. If this is your first visit to the blog don’t miss day one and day two.

Now it’s time for the bedrooms Christmas home tour. At least two bedrooms. The master bedroom and our college daughters room.

Red and Pink Christmas Bedroom

Her room has always been decorated the same way I decorate any room. Using as much of the decor we already have then changing up the look by adding one new item if needed. This year I added these pink ornaments to give her this vintage retro look.

The velvet red, pink and gold pillow on the bed was our inspiration for this years color palette. If you notice in one of the photos and matching stocking hanging on the dresser.

My sister and I custom made those years ago.

This white tree was a 90% off after Christmas clearance sale one year. It is not high quality but we fill it full of decor to hide that it is skimpy.

Red Pink Christmas College Girl Bedroom

Red Pink Christmas College Girl

The pink quilt was already on the bed. We bought it earlier this year. It happens to work well with the pillow. You know I love keeping it real around here and only spending money when needed.

Funny story for you. The red and white stripe ribbon started out on our big family tree. I even did a facebook live showing how I added it into my tree.

As it turned out, that wasn’t the look I was going for in the living room. BUT I love the look for Sarah Beth’s room.

I always keep my ribbon, even cut pieces. I store it in gallon size bags and reuse it from year to year. This is how I get different looks.

White Christmas tree red pink

Red Pink Christmas Bedroom decor Girl

Red Pink Decor white Christmas tree

Over the years she has collected lots of special ornaments. This year I didn’t add in many of those. Instead I used many of the red one’s I didn’t use on our main Christmas tree.

We usually decorate together but I wanted to have it done before she came home from college for Thanksgiving. She was so happy to see it.

Red Pink Christmas Bedroom decor

Red Pink Christmas Bedroom Wreath

Red Pink Christmas Bedroom College Girl

Red Pink Christmas College Girl

While this bedroom is colorful it is still peaceful to me. On thing that overwhelms me is clutter. If you have followed me for any amount of time you may have noticed this about me. I even have a decluttering tab on my menu bar above.

Color can be unsettling to me and make a room feel cluttered. By putting the right colors together when decorating I am able to keep the room looking good and still feeling calm.

The red, pink and white are good examples. It is a monochromatic palette so I find it very pleasing. This is not my bedroom but Sarah Beth always trust my judgement. I do ask her opinion on things though.

This year she loved the pillow for inspiration. Her only request was to make the tree really full. Which, I always do anyway.

Red Pink Christmas Older Girl bedroom

Red Pink Christmas Bedroom College Girl

Red Pink Christmas Girl

Christmas Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is our cozy retreat. I like it to stay in the same color palette even when it is decorated for the holidays.

All I added in here was my favorite wreath and little trees, a vintage wool blanket, and a flannel plaid pillow. Oh and the fun bear pillow. I can’t find that one online but I found a set of three other animals.

If you followed along on my dining room makeover last month you may notice this rug was part of the rug switch. It looks nice in here.

Christmas Master Bed plaid pillow

Christmas Decor Master Bed

Shop our bed:

Neutral Christmas Master Bed

Christmas Master Bed Brown and evergreen decor

Christmas Master Bed Brown plaid

Christmas Master Bed neutral decor

Christmas Master Bed

Well that concludes the 2020 Christmas home tour. If you missed the other rooms here are the links again.



  1. Everything looks absolutely stunning. You really have the knack for making it all look beautiful, cozy and festive. I love all of your decorations and how you put them all together.

    Thanks for sharing your talents and tips.

    1. Thank you so much. Such a sweet thing to say. I truly enjoy it. ~Sonya

  2. So pretty! Your rooms are so serene and uncluttered. I long for that kind of peace in my decor, but I am a collector, to be sure. I have stuff EVERYWHERE. Thanks for letting us peek into your home. It’s beautiful. Happy Holidays!!

    1. You are so kind, thank you! I have some ideas about how to decorate with collections. I know it’s hard to feel calm in a room that feels like there are too many things. I should share my ideas. ~Sonya

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