Backyard Makeover Reveal One Room Challenge Spring 2018

Hey there friends! I am beyond thrilled you have stopped by for a look at what I’ve been up to!! The reveal of my One Room Challenge backyard makeover! If this is your very first visit to my blog, welcome. I’m Sonya, the budget decorator and home styling southern girl who loves teaching women that beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive.

One Room Challenge Backyard Makeover Reveal

The One Room Challenge is the brain child of Linda from Calling it Home blog. This is the 4th time I have participated and while it can get stressful it is totally worth it. I must take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU for the most heart felt responses I received via email, blog comments and social media messages after last weeks update post.

If you missed my week one post showing all the before shots be sure you check it out. Here is a reminder.

One Room Challenge Spring 2018

Backyard Makeover Reveal One Room Challenge Spring 2018

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While I know you are only here for all of the photos I want to share what all transpired. Below is the original list of what I thought I would like

Backyard Fence and Shed Makeover
One Room Challenge Spring Backyard Shed Makeover
Backyard Makeover One Room Challenge Spring 2018
One Room Challenge Fence Before and After

Staining the fence and painting the shed were hard BUT the impact is so obvious. I am totally in love with it. I chose the Slate color solid stain and the color Cracked Pepper for the shed both by Behr. My professional sprayer saved me hours upon hours of time. You can shop the exact one in my curated Amazon Shop.

Choosing dark colors for exteriors allows it to blend in with the trees. Exactly what I was hoping would happen.

ORC Backyard Makeover Shed
Backyard, Patio and Deck Makeover One Room Challenge Spring 2018
ORC Backyard Makeover Shed
Spring Patio Farm Table Styling

The farm tables and benches are a blessing to have for our big families. This appears to be one long table but is actually two 7 foot long tables and two benches.

My sister loaned me the big green vase from her shop. You can see more of her wonderful finds at Upcountry Living.

Patio Farm Table Build One Room Challenge
One Room Challenge Sonya Barker Backyard Makeover
One Room Challenge Patio Farm Tables
One Room Challenge Spring Patio Makeover
Painted Shed in Behr Cracked Pepper
One Room Challenge S'mores Station
Backyard S'mores Station One Room Challenge
Backyard Games ORC Spring 2018
Backyard Patio Makeover One Room Challenge
Farm Table Centerpiece One Room Challenge

We took our existing chaise loungers and moved them to the deck. I purchased a new rug and the blush color pillows from Walmart to give the space a little fun. The wooden teak table I found at TJ Maxx for only $39.

One Room Challenge Spring Deck Makeover
Spring Deck Makeover One Room Challenge
One Room Challenge Deck Table Styling
One Room Challenge Deck Makeover Spring
One Room Challenge Deck Makeover

Are you on a budget? Do it yourself! Paint, stain, clean, etc. Styling each of the spaces with things you already have at home is the best way to make it feel new.

I am thrilled with how it all turned out. Even now, after only buy a few accessories, I would do all of the hard work all over again. I hope this inspires you. Don’t let the ability to not be able to buy all new things stop you from making the things you have look beautiful. Take care of what you already have.

Backyard Makeover Before and After One Room Challenge

Pin it for later and hopefully to inspire others. Plus it helps me get my blog out to the world. Thank you!

One Room Challenge Spring 2018 Backyard Makeover Reveal

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  1. good for your Sonya! i love the stain color that you used. backyard looks amazing! hope you get lots of time to enjoy it this summer. will i see you at haven this year?

  2. I didn’t think the stained dark colors would work, but they totally do! Great job with the backyard.

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! Staining the fence really elevated it, while at the same time makes it disappear into the background. It no longer distracts and is a focal point itself but is a nice backdrop for all the other lovely areas to be highlighted in your yard. Beautiful update ❤

  4. I love the slate color on the barn and fence – really gorgeous! The whole space is cozy and ready for memory making! Nicely done!

  5. I love the slate color on the barn and fence – really gorgeous! The whole space is cozy and ready for memory making! Nicely done!

  6. The black shed and fence are everything!!

  7. Backyard makeover is our top so I commend you for taking this on! And your yard looks awesome – such a good choice to paint your fence black as it is very chic !

  8. Wow! What a beautiful space! That double farm table with benches is a DREAM! Well done!

  9. I love the dark colors you chose Sonya! This is such a great outdoor space that your family will enjoy for a long time!

  10. What a beautiful relaxing space! I love the dark tones on the fence and the shed – they really do fade in! You put a tremendous amount of work and effort into this challenge and it turned out beautiful!

  11. Your backyard looks amazing! I love black in the woods. It looks so pretty against the greenery. (I dream of painting my house black.)

    Hope you got lots of smores time over the weekend! Great job!

  12. You yard looks amazing! The biggest impact and my favorite changes are the painted fence and shed!! Pretty!

  13. No surprise…it’s FABULOUS! What a great and relaxing space!!!

  14. What a charming and peaceful retreat, enjoy your new space.

  15. Sonya your backyard looks amazing!! I can’t believe what an impact staining the fence black made! Also your shed is such a great design element, love the color on it and how the ferns pop against it! What a great space for entertaining and enjoying summer with your family!

  16. Great backyard! I love the shed. Staining was the right call for sure!!

  17. What a gorgeous backyard! All that pinestraw brings back sweet memories of living in Birmingham. This encourages me to create a backyard retreat for our home! What a stunning reveal!

  18. Sonya – this is such a beautiful backyard retreat. Who would have thought to stain their fence black – genius! Love all of your garden touches and decorative finishes. Congrats on another fabulous makeover!

  19. Your long farm tables are awesome and so is the dark fence paired with the dark shed! Love it all!

  20. You have such a beautiful property! I am totally in love with the dark colors you chose for the fence and the shed. It is stunning!

  21. What a beautiful yard! I just love how the trees surround it and make it look so private. I also LOVE your dark paint and stain choices. That shed could be a photo backdrop! Just beautiful!

  22. Wow so much inspiration here. I love the dark stain! Thanks for sharing.

  23. What a great outdoor space! I am so jealous of the gorgeous view. And now I need to go make some smores on our fire pit, lol!! Fantastic job, congratulations!!!

  24. What a beautiful backyard space, Sonya! I love the pops of pink and lilac sprinkled among all the black, white and wood tones – just gorgeous! And how cute to have the hershey’s bars handy and checker pieces in a basket…congrats on all your hard work…such a a lovely space!!

  25. Black, Black, Black! Can I move into your shed please? Congrats, it looks incred!

  26. Oh my gosh it is so great! I love the shed color and the fence color. So much! Now its time to take a break and have a nice refreshment back there 🙂

  27. What a magnificent space! I could gaze into the scenic view of those trees forever. And the black and white accents are perfect! Beautiful, Sonya. Congrats ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  28. What a beautiful outdoor retreat! Love your garden shed. It blends in with the landscape, but stands out at the same time. If that makes any sense! I would have a hard time pulling myself away from this relaxing yard.

  29. So cute! I love the black stain so much!! The checkerboard is a fun addition, love that! Great work.

  30. I love the black fence and dark shed! I wanted to paint our fence black, but ended up just doing parts of it black. I just love the look. The whole back yard looks fabulous!! Great job!

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