DIY Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Looking for ideas to update your kitchen without spending a fortune? Then you are in the right place. Follow along on our DIY kitchen makeover journey to see what’s possible when you’re willing to do it yourself.

DIY Kitchen Makeover and cabinet redesign

When we started the DIY kitchen makeover back in April I knew it wasn’t going to be a fast project. I am by nature impatient when it comes to projects but I had decided ahead of time not to let the kitchen get into a total disarray. Being able to keep the kitchen functional daily was a priority. Except during the cabinet painting process, the kitchen stayed in order.

Raising the cabinets height had been something I wanted to do for a long time. Ever since our one room challenge kitchen makeover.

Getting Ray on board was the first obstacle. We are both very practical people when it comes to decor and design but he more so than me. He was having a hard time visualizing if this would make as big of an impact as I was sure it would. Let’s just say, I was right!

Like the champ he is, he worked hard on all of my ideas

While we have a dream for how to completely remodel our kitchen, that was not in our budget. BUT guess what, we have a great new kitchen anyway. You will find all of the shop links at the bottom of this post.

Kitchen Makeover Goals

  • have cooking supplies easily available
  • balance out the kitchen ceiling height with the big window by the table
  • create more usable counter space
  • store my everyday and entertaining items in plain site, double as decor

The goal with our kitchen was to make it more functional and balanced. The counter space couldn’t be changed but I felt like by removing some upper cabinets it would allow us to work more on the counter area where those cabinets were hanging. It worked.

Before and After of cabinet removal
DIY cabinet redesign makeover
DIY Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Completed Projects

Projects we completed: (as the tutorials are created I will link them here)

The open shelving was built the same as our rustic shelves in the living room. For the kitchen shelves I used gel stain with added water to use as a glaze. Instead of the iron brackets we wanted them to appear free floating. One side is screwed in through the cabinets. The other side is hung on a wood cleat.

This post is to reveal the after photos. Each project will get a tutorial post of it’s on. Be sure you have joined my email list. I will send out those emails each day as those post are completed. I will also update the projects list above with those links as well. Also, be sure to pin the photos to your Pinterest boards.

Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Removing upper cabinets to open up the kitchen
DIY kitchen makeover including open wood shelves
Open shelving makes everyday dishes easy to reach
Extended kitchen cabinets to the ceiling
Kitchen Makeover Reveal
Book pages art for kitchen makeover
DIY bookpages art project for kitchen makeover

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Shop Our Kitchen

Cost vs Value remodeling trends show the average cost of room remodels in the area you live. A kitchen remodel is $22,507 up to $131,510 on average. YIKES!

This is why we share what we do. In order for you to create a home that you love without breaking the bank. We spent more because we added in new appliances BUT you can see what DIY work can do without those new items.

DIY cabinet removal and heightened

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Kitchen and Cabinet makeover Pinterest pin


  1. You just saved made up my mind without a doubt. I was about to purchase paint and do the same thing to my lower cabinets, the pics of real life which I live too sealed the deal. thank you for this tutorial you saved me a lot of time and money. whewwwwwwww

  2. How does the painted tile splashback hold up to cleaning? I find that grease can get quite stubborn quickly behind the stove top so I have always thought any paint would come off tiles when cleaning?

  3. What did you do about the cornice behind the cubbies you put in on top of the cupboards?

  4. I am going to paint my bathroom vanity, I am wanting farmhouse. Thinking painting creamy white with dark wax. Should I seal first then wax? I am thinking about using decoart.

  5. As always you and Ray(our favorite son) have done a fantastic job. So proud of you handling so many things at one time. Take a rest now. Love you. Dennis & Kathy

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